For me, a soulmate is what it says on the tin, yet it is also so much more.

A soulmate is someone who is a part of you, when you meet them it’s like a piece of you that you never even noticed had been missing is filled. They’re a part of your soul, whatever you feel, they feel. Your laughter is their laughter, their tears are your tears and you can feel each other’s grief, sorrow and misery even when there’s an ocean between you.

A soulmate is like a best friend but they are also family. You can tell them your deepest, darkest, most intimate secret without the fear of being judged. You can sit there for hours in a comfortable silence without letting the deafening purge of sound make things awkward. You know that whatever may come your way, you will both stay loyal to each until the very end.

A soulmate is always forgiving. Even throughout the fights and mistakes and regrets, they will always be there with open arms. They’re a second home, a place of calm and trust where you want to live forever.

But sometimes, forever isn’t always for forever.

Sometimes, a soulmate gets taken away from us.

Sometimes, a soulmate is found too late. We find them when they are happily married, have a number of kids and barely even notice our existence.

Sometimes, a soulmate is found in a time and place where the love is illegal. Where the rules made by bitter people, dictating over a land yet claiming democracy deem a love between two men or two women a moral sin that should be repented.

And sometimes, a soulmate isn’t found at all.

A soulmate can be taken away from us too soon. We were late, we missed them, we missed our chance, our one and only chance. No, there is no hope, no hope at all of finding the person who was truly a part of you, who really got you and understood you. No hope of finding your best friend, your closest family, your eternal home of love and comfort.

All because fate and destiny are cruel, they are monsters, demonic forces of nature. They work against us and when we do find our soulmate, it is nothing like the fairy tale dream we crave and desire.

So to my soulmate out there, who probably isn’t even out there anymore. I have only one thing to say to you:

Come home.






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