Thank you, for putting your pain into words and turning those words into lyrics.

Thank you, for writing those lyrics on a page and taking that page to the stage.

Thank you, for sharing your grief, pain and misery and showing it to the world.

Thank you, for teaching the broken teens of this word that it’s okay to not be okay.

Thank you, for believing in us broken teens and not giving up on us.

Thank you, for putting up with us when we were ungrateful with the gift of music you gave us.

Thank you, for bringing light to the issues this world was cursed with.

Thank you, for facing your demons long enough to teach us how to face our own.

Thank you, for giving people something to believe in, something to be excited for, something to love.

Thank you, for giving me hope in a world that I thought was against me.

Thank you, for teaching us that it was okay not to conform to the lives our parents wanted us to live.

Thank you, for blessing this world with your words, your music, your presence.

Thank you, Chester, for everything.

Chester Bennington




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